Auto Kush


Genetic lineage: Hindu Kush x Ruderalis
Indoor: 10-12 weeks (start to finish)
Outdoor: Yes, 10-12 weeks (start to finish).
Height: Indoor: 100-120 cm | Outdoor: 120-140 cm
Yield: Indoor: 30-50 g/m2 | Outdoor: 40-100 g/plant
Taste/smell: Dank Hashish taste. A pleasantly musky, Haze-like smell
Effect: More sedative and narcotic than our Lemon Kush

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The Auto Kush cannabis strain is an automatic version of the cannabis strain named after the Hindu Kush mountain range. Kush cannabis plants hail from the region bordering with Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Northern India.

This Auto Kush strain produces medium-sized plants, about 100 – 120 cm tall, with fairly long and sticky buds. A potent autoflowering strain with many side branches. It is slightly less compact than the original Kush. Auto Kush buds become coated with abundant trichome formation when fully matured. The taste is dank and hash-like with a subtle hint of Indian spice enhanced with a faint tinge of incense smell in the smoke. The smell is a pleasant musky haze-like smell.

The effect of our Auto Kush is typically Kush-like with a very heavy body stone. We at Female Seeds say that it is more narcotic than its Lemon Kush ancestor.

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