World Weed Seeds

The Feminized Collection

World Weed Seeds Feminized Seed Collection is our biggest collection with over 40 different strains from around the world. Feminized Seeds are great as it takes away the hassle of having to throw away plants like you would do with regular seeds if you are looking for lovely bud Fems are the way to go.

The Auto Fem Collection

Our Autoflowering Collection is great for new beginner growers as these strains can survive the most rigorous conditions and can take more stress, these are also a great option for experienced growers wanting quality tasting buds in a shorter amount of time than our Feminized & Regular Collection.

The Regular Collection

These can be either male or female in sex. Not advisable for beginner growers, Great for clones & Mother Plants as Regs are the most stable for cloning and tend to yield the more than autos but be warned regular cannabis seeds do need more attention than Auto & Feminized Seeds

The C.B.D Collection

C.B.D Seeds are, in essence, non-psychoactive, although it may appear to have some psychoactive effects. It has a sedative effect and thanks to the fact that it relieves various pains and symptoms, Its medicinal uses exceed those of any other known cannabinoid.

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The Best Seed Bank

Don’t see anything you want? Don’t worry we have plenty of other great breeders stock in our seed vault. Head on over to The Best Seed Bank where you can shop for over 100’s of Great Breeders Seeds

All pictures you see are taken by our good friends via instagram. We love seeing and communicating with our friends that grow our great cannabis genetics to be taken to our instagram account simply click the link below or search @worldweedseeds on instagram